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Family Tree

Gazzas Blog
Wednesday, 16 February 2005
1901 census
Mood:  a-ok
Searched to page 15 of district 1 of the Winlaton census.

No sign as yet.

Posted by gazzalw at 4:57 PM GMT
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Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Family Tree
I recall Nana was 84 when she died so that would make her death 1987 which I think is correct.

Posted by gazzalw at 3:30 PM GMT
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Family research
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Topic: Family Tree
family Tree pages

I seem to have the James Wright side of the family pretty well dated now. I still need to find a birth registration for David son of Alice Wright as well as Alices death registration.

I could have a look for Arthurs family seeing as Arthur seems to have stayed in the area of Gateshead/Birtley. If that is indeed the case then there will be registration details in Gateshead for Clarence and Laurence as well as Olive, Connie and Dolly and Olives son Peter. All this costs time and money so I'll have a crack after pay day.

I still don't know where Nana fits into her family agewise. Knowing who was older would make finding her lot on the 1891 census a damn sight easier so I'll chat to Maureen about that. I assume though that as she went to stay with Auntie Lil a few times that Lil was an older sister so she should appear on the 1901 census. Looking for all the Hannah Davisons in 1891 there is a good candidate aged 19 living in Chester-Le-Street married to William aged 27. They have no kids yet. This would fit as the names are correct, Chester-Le_Street is very close to Birtley/Springwell and they would be of the correct age to be starting a family. That would mean she would have been 31/32 when Nana was born.

There is a 28 year old William Davison in Washington working as a steel moulder. Born in Washington

Another 28 year old born in Chester-le-street working as a coal hewer in Chester-le-St.

There is a George Davison born in Gateshead in 1900 and another in 1891. Surely the March 1900 one is more likely.

Another in 1903 would clash with Nana being born and another in 1904.

There are 2 Maud Davisons in Gateshead. One born in December 1902 and another in September 1898. the 1898 one would clash with the Lilian born in 1898 though.

There are 2 Norman Davisons one born in December 1905 and another in March 1907.

There is a Josephine Ingham Davison born in June 1893.

There is one Lilian Davison born June 1898. In the 1901 census this would be either the Lilian aged 3 in Winlaton or the Lilian aged 3 in Shildon.

SO the assumption is

Lilian born 1898
George 1900
Maud 1902
Mary Elizabeth (June 1903)
Norman 1905 or 1907

There are James Davisons born in 1894, 1897, 2 in 1899, 2 in 1900. There are others with Middle names interspersed.

As for Arthurs there is a James Arthur born in Gateshead in 1904.

An Arthur in 1896 in Chester le st in March.
another in the same place in December 1897.

As for 'Heathey' Dobson, Billys fatha there is a Heath Dobson born in Chester Le St in 1900

Posted by gazzalw at 2:49 PM GMT
Updated: Wednesday, 16 February 2005 3:23 PM GMT
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